Hi! I’m Alyssa @bonedarling I figured it was about time for an introduction on here...

I’ve spent most of these last few years in a beautiful mountain town in Canada called Nelson BC. When I’m not here I’m travelling and exploring other places - most recently I was in Ireland. *

I grew up in a small town as a Jehovah’s Witness and I broke away from that at 24 years old. This was a huge decision that impacted many of my connections and relationships that were foundational to me, and led to a lot of changes and shifts over these last 7 years. My sheltered background has spurred a very strong curiosity in me about the world. I really love exploring and uncovering things which is probably a big part of what led me to the world of tarot and beginning this kind of work. *

When I’m not doing Bone Darling related things or working my other job, I can be found spending time with my partner whom I love dearly, cooking - especially vegan comfort food, reading books voraciously, learning more about herbalism and aromatherapy, and jamming with two of my best friends in our punk band. I’m eternally grateful for my friendship with these two girls - jamming has been such a fun outlet and total side step out of my comfort zone. *

I have a love for all things leopard print and you will very rarely see me not wearing something leopard print. I’m also incredibly fond of cats - I don’t have any of my own at this time because of frequent travel, but thankfully I have friends who allow me to be a cat aunty. *

Thank you all for being along for the journey of Bone Darling so far! ✨
Photos: @novemberwild
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What can I expect from a tarot reading?

My intent as a tarot reader is not to make predictions or guarantee certain outcomes for you. I use tarot as a tool to explore and gain insight into different areas and uncover patterns or general themes relating to your life. A reading can be both illuminating and affirming about the path you are on and help with cultivating your intuition around the subject matter. My goal is not to give you hard and fixed advice about a direction to take but to help empower you to draw your own conclusions through the messages of the cards.

What is a long distance reading and how does it work?

The style of long distance reading I do is offered by e-mail. You receive a digital photo of your spread as well as a detailed explanation and analysis of your reading in a PDF format. Each card is interpreted on the spot just for you, so it is completely personalized. The benefits to this style of reading is that you are able to take in the information at your own pace and you can go back and review it as many times as you like. I am also available by e-mail after your reading to further discuss any aspects you may have additional questions about.

While a long distance readings work slightly different than in person readings, they still involve connecting with the energy of the client and interpreting the messages that the cards bring through. To energetically connect I make sure to do your reading at a time that there an no external influences, and where I am able to be completely focused on you and the question or intention you have brought forward to work with.

What deck will be used for my reading?

I have several different decks that I work with - Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot, Rider-Waite, Tattoo Tarot, a Fournier Spanish deck. If you have a preference please don't hesitate to let me know when you purchase your reading. If you don't specify I will use the deck I feel drawn to work with for your reading.

When will I receive my reading?

When I receive a booking I will send you an e-mail letting you know what kind of timeline you can expect to receive your reading. This is usually 1-3 days after booking with exceptions being if I am travelling or for some reason unavailable. I prefer to have this window of a few days so I can be sure that I am able to be present and completely tuned in while I do your reading for you.